my acknowledgements

Hello my name is Becky and I am a 17 year old female from Perth

I just wanted to make this page in regards to my acknowledgement of ''fashion blogging'' as a whole. 
I don't think there is anyone within the 'blog-a-sphere' as we may call it, that doesn't realise how lame, and awkward the idea of posing in a public place with everyone staring at you like you're a tourist for the purpose of your fashion blog...unless they're natural born models!
But that's not the point! 

The point of it can be anything from sharing your views on ever-changing fashion through your own eyes for others to see to sometimes just for personal documentation/history. 

It really pisses me off when people take the concept of it the wrong way, it's simply a place to document your phases of fashion and it sure kills time, for me. So I guess it's fun. 
So to anyone (mostly those I know personally) that think's only bad/negative things about the whole idea, then that's cool, I've justified myself. I don't do this out of pure vanity or anything like that as I have previously explained - if you can't see past what we all (internetWhORes) can, then be's ok. ;-) 

And to all of my followers/readers, I appreciate every one of you and I will always look at your blogs when you leave them. 
B x

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