Thursday, October 25


love this baby. spiked head band from asos.

it's funny how fast things in your life can change. it's how drastically ideas in your head can fluctuate.
I'm struggling at the moment. I feel like I have too many people to talk to but not the right one.
maybe it's just exam stress or something getting to my head....

happy pre halloweekend x

Monday, October 22

piece of my life via room

A corner of my room

I love this fur jacket...I have a genuine feeling that it is real though..

Opposing corner

What my days are looking like..


Best things ever, I kid you not - duck feather pillow shoes

These sunglasses are the fk'ing bomb! I sat on them though :-(

Cutest little crop for summer

summer crop #2

my new glorious House of Wilde by Alice McCall crop shirt

new Alice McCall pixilated shiv shiv (or something) but I love it, apologies for the un-ironed mess

second hand finds

"Kimbra dress"

lervvvly Fairground dress

House of Wilde

Asos overalls with my own personal detail.

Since I haven't so much as thought about this space of mine on the internet in a long, long time...I decided it was time to get using it again. I decided against making a complete new blog - but I am determined to change how I go about using this and the things I post!

Expect only better!

In these photos:-
- photo's of my pad (aka my room but soon I am hoping to have my own pad!)
- my computer space and as you can image me being cooped up there during exam period right now
- items I have recently obtained to add to my summer wardrobe!

Also I just turned 18, so I got a lot of these for my birthday.
I want to do a post soon on my other new things but this will have to do for now.
In other news, my instagram got deleted so I had to make a whole new one! :-(

intagram: the_queen__b
twitter: ur_queen_b

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, hope you're as excited as I am... x

Thursday, October 18

wildfox intimates love


wildfox's 90's romeo/juilet inspired bedroom shoot had me at first glance.
These photographs are absolutely and so it this model - Marianna Fonesca.
I am in love with this girl's look and these cute intimates! I will definitely be getting my paws on some....and get my paws down to the gym! haha