Monday, December 27

This Year

I've been thinking, and since this year is almost over I should start to clear out my old stuff, for new. With this, I decided to flick through my electronic-photo albums, to grab a bunch of memorables from 2010, where I was reunited with these. What better way to start than to display the old?

^ Beautiful friends, my little world

^ Eva's 1st polaroid, winter times

^ A friend's secret, shopping day

^ Something usual, KOALA

^ Walpole, Nanny watching us

^ Southbound this year, Coconut Club - SB

^ Big Day Out - Miami Horro, SB

^ Summer afternoon near the sea, Old summer night

^ Tessa, Myself

^ My birthday + best girl, A night

^ Our River Cruise (husband and wife)

^ Friends before Gorillaz/De La Soul/Little Dragon* - thanks to Chow(heartandbleecker), before a work do

^ Summer starts, ASOS Mary-Kate Oslen ring

^ Beautiful, Beautiful

^ Funny, Funny

^ My birthday, my 3

^ 2 Lovely, Nice Eva

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Great idea! I love all these bangin' pictures.
    Hope you had a great Xmas too!

  2. Lovely photos. Seems like you had a great year :)

    Connie x

  3. i lovelovelove that pic of you with the yellow nail polish. and your birthday outfit is amazing..i think ive told you that before :)


  4. awwww these is a lovely post. looking back is so wonderful.

  5. Great post.. I love that ring!

  6. Great mix of your photos:)

  7. aw i LOVE this idea, looks like you had a pretty fabulous year... hm, i think i'm going to do it too! hehe

    love you blog, following!!

  8. great collection of photos! totally loving the world ring and that you've chosen to look back on the good times before you start a wonderful new year!

    oh and thanks for following! love your blog and you totes have a new follower! if it worked... blogger was being a bit weird... if not I certainly will be soon!

    Merry belated Christmas! and happy new year!

  9. amazing photos! looks like so much fun.xx

  10. awesome Idea! I wish i had done that but running out of time now...

  11. cool blog! really nice pictures!
    i followed(: do you want to follow mine?

    X zoé - -

  12. Naw i wish it was christmas again. What great photos! Lady are you coming or have you heard about the Perth Fashion Blogger meet? Its this Sunday. If you are interested send me an email :)


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