Saturday, January 8

Lace Maxi

I got this from lace maxi skirt Forever 21 around Christmas and I absoloutly love it. I am usually unsure when buying skirts because I find it always best to try them on first but luckily enough this worked for me!


  1. Oh i adore that first pic! Love the headpiece - and the skirt is great too, good find!! xo

  2. the first pic is love <3

    F. ( x

  3. possibly some of the most beautiful blog photos ive seen!
    the skirt looks gorgeous & im a bit in lust after your hair.
    after flicking through a few of your posts im definitely going to bloglovin follow you right now!x

  4. Oh my God!
    You're beautiful, you look like a model if you're not!
    if you'd pass by my blog, I'm new
    a big kiss: *

  5. I loveeeeeee your blog!! and your oufit!! you are soo inspiring!! :D
    come by my blog sometime!!

    im following. hope you do the same ;)

    p.s did i mention i loveee it ?? hahaha

  6. Olá queria parabenizar você pelo blog e pedir que visita se o meu simples blog: será uma honra ter a visita tua lá. Espero que goste...
    Ass: Magno Oliveira
    Folhetim Cultural

  7. Wow you have a breathtaking style and face! Im very curious for more on this blog. I like the mix of style is see on you. I will be following you and you will be on my blogroll in my favorites!

  8. I love the flow to these clothes along with the softness of your hair. Very cohesive and relaxed, but still so elegant!

    VPV Intern

  9. wowza! loving the maxi skirts right now, so nice in this horrid weather! I wish i was cool enough to pair it with a lovely cropped sweater al la you! but alas id get much too hot! bring on winter!

    totally digin on your flower wreath. very flower power cool


  10. i LOVE this. i'm looking for a particular cropped sweater at the time i see you remind me to stop shopping in the wrong seasons!


  11. Oh you look adorable... the wreathe looks incredible in your hair... and well your hair is a whole other issue, it's absolutely stunning!

    So is the dress I love it when something fits perfectly!

  12. These are so stunning! & so are you my dearrrr. Lovely blog

  13. love ur style u remind a bit lindsay lohan !

    follow me back ?


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