Sunday, January 23

White Night

 FROM LEFT: Vintage top, MINKPINK skirt, Forever 21 dress, Wish tops

WEARS: Wish top, Kookai shorts, Jeffery Campbell shoes

It was fun dressing up for a White party, mid summer, but it was also a difficult thing to do since the dress code was pretty strick. So, here we were searching through our wardbrobes, trying to find something decent never mind especially good to wear...when we all ended up wearing each others' white garments anyway. Except Marc (above) who pulled off his Salvo's outfit 


  1. ooohhhhhh nice and white and crisp! you look great and it looks like you had a fantastic time at the white party! loving the JC snicks too, they are sooooo comfortable and go with everything!

  2. ugh. between you and laura i want the snicks!! another thing to add to my huge list. really like the first photo xx


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