Thursday, September 1

Back to the blogasphere

After two weeks on absolutely no internet, I will never take internet for granted ever again.
I decided to wear my mint lipstick and I am aware than some of you won't like that colour so I posted a photo with normal coloured lips haha
On another note I now have red-red hair and it's a nice change...I have so much reading to do on all my blog I follow haha
triplej unearthed High competition winners Snakadaktal, can't get enough.....


  1. Love this outfit, the skirt is beautiful!
    I am extremely jealous that you can pull of that colour of lipstick!

  2. This outfit is super chic, I adore the colour of your skirt :)

  3. hell yes to the green lips!!

  4. Love your lipstick! Itd look awful on me, but you pull if off so well x


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