Friday, October 7

Belated b'day day

It was my birthday yesterday. I got up and went to work, then went for lunch in Leederville ~~~~~mmm~~~~~ food.
I felt shit actually so I decided to go shopping while I was there, with the time I had before having to return back to work. I bought these cool mustard-yellow shorts mmmm there groovy and they don't make your ass look as huge.

I was actually just stalking some tumblr's and I swear to god some people need to get a grip, why are girls fishing for pity and compliments about the way they appear when most of them are actually generally beautiful. It's fucking annoying and stop self diagnosing your ''disorders''.

On other notes, the same could apply here. Some people will be flicking through this shit cringing because they just don't get the point to blogging. It's like one of those things that you can't describe the purpose of, mainly because you can't be bothered or because it would just be pointless!
Some, see it as ridicule, where others don't. They are usually ones involved. Ohwell
sorry for being so judgemental and angsty teenager today...hehe

PS I'm sick of reading maths and chemical equations!

me exactly 1 year ago haha

from my boyfriend yeeho metronomy!


  1. I love absolutely everything about this post and you are beautiful

  2. you are sooo pretty. love the dark hair! :-)

    come visit me!

  3. you look amazing! great post



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