Saturday, October 15

I cannot wait for school and exams to be done in to begin my life! I have 8 exams left (out of 10) and I'm already not studying...I will not study if I am at home I need to lock myself away at the library and make my phone die so I can't be tempted.
I am torn between options for next year, already accepted the fact that I'm not going to achieve my goal atar so not that desperate to start uni straight away
One of my close friends is moving to Melbourne next year, and idea actually intrigues me, I wouldn't mind it at all.
Also I like the idea of working full time half of the year next year then travelling the second half, Europe, where I can meet my parents in Scotland when they are booked to go, in September for a Wedding. I can't even remember what it is like in the UK I don't really think about my life there very often
My friends and I have all started collecting cute little accessories and fun things to begin our summer of gold leaf, face jewels, pretty nails, flowers, nice dresses and in good hope new tAts and piercings 

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groovey well peace doods


  1. Very Gorgeous! We can't wait to see your collections!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  2. Good luck with your exams! You should definitely travel! I'm so glad I did it before setting down to uni!

    Love that lipstick colour!


  3. Don't worry you always do better than what you think you will! Good luck!

  4. All the best with your exams! Great to find another Aussie : )


  5. Good luck with exams! I'm on the same boat!

  6. Your hair is perfeccttt :)
    Good luck with everything xo

  7. You're stunning and yuor hair is incredible!


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