Thursday, November 10


I never wear this Forever21 skirt I feel weird in it, but ash made me today which I guess is good since I'll never wear it probs.
now that I'm finished school I seriously have nothing but time and it's great. Im doing to so many cool things with this time however I need money more than anything waaaaa
Went shopping to leederville to see if a dress I saw online was in store - so I could get it for graduation dinner, so lucky, last one in, size 6 and only $150 dolllla so great meant to be. (above is my groove-angel)

Y'all like?mmm?


  1. love meant to be moments! it sounds like it is, go for it! i am with you though...spending way too much money and not getting enough back!
    love your look up top with the maxi and the crop top! and whose boots are they, they are sensational!?!


    Bang & Buck

  2. We both outfits!.. Great post!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  3. you look fabulous! and i love the shoes!



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