Wednesday, December 14


This skirt was on sale at Sportsgirl I love it and it's really comfortable, these shoes are from Betts - get them!!!, and the bag is surprisingly from Myer which I picked up on my way to an interview for university. It is all getting very real now.


  1. I quite like the thick platform on your shoes. They remind me of Japanese Okobo sandals.

  2. love your hairstyle, cool blog too :)

  3. Those shoes & that necklace... Are amazing :)

  4. Just stumbled across your blog and thank God that I did! I'm just so in love with your photos as well as your style. Great blog you're running here..keep it up and hope you can visit mine as well. Have a great day!

    Fashion blogger

  5. love your shoes and necklace!

  6. Really love those shoes... I walk everywhere so they're the perfect shape for giving height to summer pins without crippling myself... the white beauties in the next post are amazing too!

    So cool to have stumbled across your blog!

    Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)

  7. I love that necklace!


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