Monday, January 2


First of all merry Christmas to all and sorry I haven't posted for so long.
This dress is FriendOfMine and the shoes are off some ebay store - sorry I bought them ages ago and can't remember what it was called.

The new year is upon us and I can sense a change in many things with this year to come. I don't really expect anything more than what I already have, I consider myself to by quite well off in certain circumstances in my life so for starters - my complaining is what will stop! haha
I am no longer at high school so my actual life this year in terms of what I will be doing with my days will be extremely different, soon I will know what University I am going to go to this year.
I am currently unemployed. I have applied for a few places, well actually quite a lot, and I have quite a lot of experience for someone my age I think (I have worked in retail, food, catering at major events, and I have worked with the established designed Aurellio Costarella)....but still no luck - so I'm still waiting and wasting time and to be honest I don't mind.

In terms of my blog, I hope to bring a new style and more exciting new things to it, I am planning on changing the way I go about my wardrobe and not only that but my actual posts so watch me out as I attempt to do so.

Thank God for my MBP 

oh PS I am so excited for this weekend down south with my best friend we will be seeing Crystal Castles and Metronomy and be in awe and love and amazement - be jealous

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  1. the dress is awesome!!

    xo Nav

  2. Ohmygod, love your dress and it fits so perfect and combinated with the red lipstick.. perfect.

  3. Can't get over how GOOD that dress looks with the lipstick!!


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