Sunday, February 19

things from the past week

1, 2. lunch and TV :-)
3. my new chocked off eBay
4. YSL-Babydoll and some pretty flower clips from my childhood that I recently came across
5, 6. chopped some old T-shirts in order for some new slouches (seen as I cannot afford to BUY any at the moment!)
7, 8. my new little platforms from Zu shoes, they were on sale for $48 dollars and I loved the colour, so
9. new draws and glass tops from IKEA, just the beginning to my redecoration to my room
10. necklaces
11, 12. some cute boots I found at the Retro Vinnies
13. my chocker again
14, 15, 16. I felt rather optimistic and decided to home bleach my hair. I wanted to get a yellowy blonde rather than platinum but I still get the feeling people are looking at me thinking that I just failed at a platinum blonde attempt. However I am planning on using this blonde to put bright colours through it soon !!
17. a photo of Christmas just gone, comparison to my hair now! haha

I will be posting some outfits soon, I haven't for so long it feels!


  1. can i have your rock tees? so amazing! xx

  2. Aw, your hair is beautiful!
    So jelous.
    Ciara xx

  3. omg you are gorgeous. and i am loving all these pics of your shoes and room! :)


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