Sunday, March 11

its time

Those of you who know me personally will probably recognise this street very well. I don't often take pictures in public or anywhere other than my house for that matter, because I find it awfully, awfully awkward and more so because other people find it more so.

Having said this, I am going to dive into a what I would call a pile of courage and continue to do so, in taking photo's in public, because at the end of the day it's my blog and I don't really mind nor do I care what others have to say about it negatively!

I look a bit funny and my hair isn't very clean (sorry haha) but I have gone and got myself some bangs and a remarkably lighter shade to my hair! [If you look back into my archive, in some posts, my hair was so dark that it was almost black!]
Anyhow, I am in the process of going a little bit more lighter for winter to accompany my pre-constructed winter wardrobe of more demonia boots and creepers, black skirts, black shorts, black tops, black mesh jackets and general dark pieces. My friend (who many of you would already know from heartandbleeker) commented on my possible emo-turning style when I mentioned this to her, and so I laughed!

This top is random, the skirt is from target (yes target haha!) the boots are from an op-shop and the bag is from topshop (read below at my lusting post, so happy I got it)


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