Sunday, April 22

april april such a nice month is april - i don't know why I chose to wear a fluro pink bando: bit sneaky.

This outfit suits the bipolar perth weather which seemingly changes from crisp chills to warming sun wrap - so it's good if i'm not quite sure which way it will turn.
The shoes and top are from an op-shop and I'm looking for a cute navy blue pair of overalls to dress with the top but am so far unlucky. So this skirt from Supre will have to do. I hate Supre. but I do love this skirt!
Bedroom photos are always fun and easy, especially when I am stuck in my room doing boring uni projects.

Dead Meadow - Beyond The Fields We Know



  1. very cute top! looks great with the skirt, but i do hope you find those overalls you're after :-)

    im following! please follow back if you enjoy my blog!

    xx Rebecca

  2. Lovely photos.
    So jelous of tthe clothes rail, wish I had room for one of them.

  3. Such a cute outfit and I want your boots so bad!

  4. HOLY SHIT your room is awesome, I love your hair like this, and I love everything in general that is Happening here haha x you babe!


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