Sunday, April 1

skater gal

This is totally a pointless post, but it's Sunday morning, I'm so bored.
Anyway I have spent a hell of a lot of money lately, and surprisingly a lot of it at thrift stores. I have found some seriously good finds, and as a result I'm so broke. I will post of my shit soon
how cool are there skates for $8......yeahhhhhhhhrrrrr :-) 
ps, it's totally winter now - so goooood

Honestly, watch at your own risk. I highly recommend not watching this high hahah but seriously it's funny and slightly sad - I love Lohan as most people know, and I also get that I look her (A HELL OF A LOT) so it's kinda like, not so comforting, thinking I look like her nearer the end! 

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  1. those skates are RAD. i saw a pair like this the other day in a charity shop, was so tempted! wish i'd bought them now! xx


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