Wednesday, March 16

pictorial of 2 weeks


Haven't updated for a while, my appologises. I have been so caught up, busy, doing basically nothing! I'm over school already, even though it has pretty much just started.
Oh well, I truely have no one to blame for my laziness but myself.
The photos are from the past 2 weeks or so, just some snaps from various events/places visited recently.
I must say this past week has been traumatic with natural/world disasters and my heart truely goes out to the sufferers in Japan, the ones who are left alone, the ones who have lost loved ones. It just makes me think of how lucky I really am - not only with the things I have but the be living in a secure country in comparison to many others all over the globe. I thankful that nothing as horrific as a tsunami or flood or war has hit my part of Australia.  Thank you God.


  1. Lets all pray for Japan its so sad :(
    we are so lucky and sometimes take that for granted...
    love the photos :)

  2. nice shots! I noticed these grey shoes,gorgeous.
    Take care!

  3. Nice photo diary. Really like that white button down shirt you're donning.

    It breaks my heart to see the devastating situation in Japan but it warms my heart to see humanity come together to provide strength and support. Praying for the country and all those affected.

  4. oh wow girlie you have the most amazing hair! and sheer shirt loving

  5. uum okay, you're stunning.
    super cute style and your hair looks adorable curly.
    yep! we live in an amazingly fortunate country. x.

  6. your hair looks REALLY good in all of these. damn you! x

  7. Oh god you are so pretty girl, and I love your blogg
    Im obviously following u! :)

  8. adore the liughting in all your shots. Your hair is gorgeous.

    Helen, X

  9. These photos are so lovely to look at, you're very pretty. Fab blog too, I'll definitely be back!

  10. you are sooo fucking hooooooot please bang me ur secret admirer

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