Sunday, July 3

July Third

Number one, I don't know why I'm doing that weird hand gesture in two photos.
Number two, credit to Chow (heartandbleecker) for helping me decide upon wearing this Princess Highway dress!
Also, Happy Birthday to my lovely mother (above) who doesn't look a day her age!
Going to Bali soon, hoping to get something interesting to share with y'all!


  1. yes. that dress was the right choice. you really are beautiful you know! xx

  2. when i saw this photos i startes signing - you are so beautiful :D you look amazing!

  3. you look awesome! (: the weird hand gestures aren't too weird anyway.

    stop by sometime?

  4. this dress is the bomb! go chow for helping!

  5. that lace dress is amazing! And all I can stare at in that close up of you is your fabulous eyelashes! What mascara is that??

  6. hey :) i haven't visited your blog in a while.. it's looking great! and you are absolutely stunning the dress is a great choice!! xx opinionslave
    / twitter: @opinionslave

  7. Thanks for following! Only got the chance to check out yours ! Love Love Love your blog! You have such lovely looks, I am so jealous of your hair!!

  8. I love your hair! The Litas from the last post are stunning.


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