Sunday, July 24

One lovely blog award

It was a nice surprise to receive the one lovely blog award from Laura - Blush & Zero, thank you.
Your supposed to give 7 random facts about yourself, however I doubt this is as easy as it may seem...

1. I was born in Scotland
2. I hate cheese with everything I have
3. I am just over 5 feet tall
4. I like science
5. I love Metronomy
6. I work with Chow (heartandbleecker)
7. I am an ex gymnast and trampolinist.

I now have to pass the award on to7 other Lovely Blogs:

PS. Sorry I've been gone for so long I've been in Bali and pretty busy....I should be doing a post on it soon

1 comment:

  1. You're welcome :) You deserved it!

    Hope Bali was loveeely!



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